Monday, January 23, 2012

Fitness Challenge Update: Weighing In on the Plus Size Controversy

[This article was first published as Weighing In on the Plus Size Controversy on Technorati.]

Like most weeks of this weight loss challenge, I struggled.

First I struggled with the idea that apparently a size 6 is now a plus-size. At least in the fashion world. Who knew?
According to the January issue of PLUS model magazine, the average plus-size model 10 years ago was between a size 12 and 18. Now, the magazine claims plus-size models are between a size 6 and 14.
And as if that wasn't crazy enough (and don't you think it ought to be), the magazine claims that 20 years ago,  the average fashion model weighed 8 percent less than the average woman, but today the average model weighs 23 percent less than the average woman.
So I figure if I were a model, I'd be a Super Model. And by "Super," I'm not talking Super in a good way. More like Super-duper size.
So while I was pondering all of that, my school district decided to start a Biggest Loser challenge where you pony up ten bucks to participate and then agree to trot your super-duper derriere down to the nurse's office for an official weigh in each Wednesday. Then, in April at the end of the contest, the person who has the highest percentage of weight loss wins and collects all that moola.

All that sounded fine and dandy, but still didn't do much to move me to participate. I'm just not much of a joiner. But, then when they said participants could wear blue jeans on Weigh-in Wednesdays, well, they almost had me there.

You see, I'd do a lot to wear blue jeans and not have to stand in my closet pondering what to wear. I most certainly would pony up the ten bucks, but then there was that thing of having to have the nurse weigh me in.

It was a difficult decision. So much so that while I was weighing my desire to wear blue jeans against my need for anonymity, I smooth missed the deadline and now must continue my weight loss thing solo. I was a smidge disappointed that I allowed my indecision to make my decision.

Just as I was disappointed when my own solitary weigh-in showed no movement on my scale. I seem to be stuck. I'm not gaining, but I'm not losing weight either. I have lost inches, though, and that put me in a size smaller pair of pants.

Which, of course, made me feel super, and this time by "super," I mean super in a super-duper good way.

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