Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carol: Deadlines, Birthdays & Carrots

Calm down. 

No, I haven't whittled or withered away into skinniness.

If only.

Instead, I went out of town and am up against a multitude of deadlines—newspaper deadline and yearbook deadlines. (You can read about that here on my other teacher blog site) as well as deadlines to turn in next year's budget and my fourth six weeks grades.  

So here is just a brief update before I have to move along…

In short, I have been B-A-D.

Let's just say there were numerous desserts involved (resulting from my birthday). In fact, a newly made Barefoot Contessa carrot cake sits on the counter even as I write. 

See what all that sugar has made me do? Why, I've turned into a diet saboteur by including the recipe link for that rather delicious concoction.

Shameless, I know. 

On the plus side—and I'm not just talkin' about dress sizes either—I have maintained some level of exercise attending my yoga classes. However, I have not kick boxed my way into the garage for a week. Instead, I have been going to work at 7 a.m. and not returning until 5:30 or 6 p.m. working on  that darn tootin' yearbook.

Oh, before I forget, out are the Pilates Torture Time classes. 

Yep, Doomsday Becky and I have sort of struck again.

Our yoga teacher has left the new exercise place that we started going to. Since Missy Chrissy Pretzel is a former yearbook editor of mine, we are following her to her brand new yoga studio which will open in April. Sadly, gladly, she will not be teaching Pilates at her Yoga studio.

Doomsday Becky and I don't believe we will jinx Missy Chrissy Pretzel since we are following her instead of just appearing on her doorstep.

So the update is… while no additional pounds were lost, none was gained either and only a bag of carrots were hurt in this endeavor. 


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  1. I'm sure the pounds will fall off even faster in the wonderful new studio though, which shall NOT be jinxed!! I must remember to sprinkle it with holy water beofre the grand opening on April 10th!!