Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is Anyone Really Out There? Week 12 Update--There Ain't No Cheese With This Whine

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Let's just hang it all out there today. This is an old-fashion, full-blown, 5-alarm whinefest, and I'm not talking about the red-stuff-in-a-crystal-glass-kind either. No siree, Missy.
And since I'm still trying to lose weight, there ain't gonna be any cheese with this whine either. 
When I decided to be Ninja teacher at the start of the school year and fly  under the radar who knew just how invisible I would become?
I figured that perhaps if I kept my big fat mouth shut I'd stay out of trouble, and, if my big fat mouth stayed shut most of the time, as an added bonus, I might lose some weight, too. Toss in the whole "I'm Frying In My Own Fat Weight Loss Challenge" thing, and I figured it was a win/win of sorts.
Instead, this Ninja thing forced me to wonder rather Pink Floyd-like "Is anyone really out there?"
I thought by blogging about my weight loss struggles, there might be a word or two of encouragement from others. I thought perhaps readers might even offer up a tip or two. Or Dr. Oz would offer up some help. OK, so maybe not Dr. Oz, but you get it.
But in the past 13 weeks I have been at this and despite being retweeted by a fair number, I've received only one brief note of encouragement.
As in uno.
As in one more than none.
Does that mean that people retweet with abandon, but never actually read the stuff they toss down the Internet?
Or perhaps it's this Ninja thing. See how invisible I have become? 
At least I managed to become a half pound more invisible this past week, bringing my total weight loss to 10 pounds. And yes, I realize that I probably could have lost that half a pound just by sneezing. And, yes, I worry about gaining weight over the holiday season.
But I have other, more pressing worries. I became even more disheartened this week. As I entered Week Two of being sidelined by my sprained ankle and unable to exercise, I still had people come up to me and ask how I injured myself. Questions from people, you know, who claimed to read these things.
Which, again makes me ponder, "Is anyone really out there?"
If you are, do you think that perhaps you could bring some cheese for this whine?

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