Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Challenge Update: Start Looking For A Sugar Daddy

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Sometimes I think it's just best to ignore some of the stuff that seeps out of California especially San Francisco.
This is probably one of those times, but the buzz coming from over there about this sugar business (The Toxic Truth About Sugar) made more noise across the globe than a roomful of 6 year olds on a sugar rush after a Halloween party.
From the UK to France to Canada to Pakistan, news reports talked about the recommendation by three California researchers that sugar should be regulated. The three advocate controlling sugar sales to anyone under 17 years old and taxing the rest of us for our sugar habit.
If the sugar police had their way, having a Sugar Daddy would take on an entirely new meaning.
Understandably the Sugar Association found this latest report "non-scientific and irresponsible. Others just called the report "idiotic."
If I completely gave up sugar, I'd probably shed my extra poundage pretty speedy quick for my "Frying In My Own Fat" Weight Loss Challenge, but that will never happen. No siree, Missy.
Why? Because I enjoy sugar. I must have milk and sugar in my morning coffee. So that probably makes me a sugar addict and a diary addict and, oh yeah, a coffee addict…and a…
"Hi, my name is Carol and I'm addicted to sugar and milk and coffee… and chocolate and food… and …"
Jeepers creepers, my list is endless… Still, despite my apparent sugar addiction, I'm down almost another pound this week.
Like I said, we probably should just ignore most of that stuff that seeps across the border from California. I do have one thing left to say, though:
I'll give up my sugar packets when you can pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

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