Monday, April 18, 2016

Little Baby Ninja Steps

So I decided that Mondays will be the day of reflection,  penance and renewal.

Reflection of how I did the previous week.

Penance for the missteps made.

Renewal to trod forward… 

Since I just started Thursday, I don't have a full week under my tight belt, but I did take some little bitty baby Ninja steps in my "Ninja-No-Nonsense-Don't-Pass-the-Wedding Cake" weight loss challenge aka The Ninja Diet.

First I read some inspiring articles I found on Pinterest, and from what I gleaned, here are some of my baby Ninja steps:

Step 1… One article suggested an ap called Plant Nanny. I promptly downloaded it but then promptly deleted it and then downloaded it again. It was supposed to get me to drink more water, but I had some difficulty in figuring out how to change the drinking cut size so I deleted it. But I thought I really didn't give it a fair shake, so I'm going to try and go for a week. We shall see. (Drinking lots of water apparently is key, key, key in losing weight.)  

Step 2… I decided to start my own weight loss Pinterest board as a quick reference and perhaps some inspiration.

Step 3…I scrolled through a bunch of old photos of me on my iPhone and decided--as if I needed confirmation--that yep… I'm a bit portly and NO, I really don't like the way I look.

Step 4…I started verbal affirmations (which I consider to be rather silly). I figure it falls under the "Fake-It-Til-You-Make It" category and all that visualization hooey malooey. So I've been telling myself such things as: "I look better after that water aerobics class!" "I feel better after that water aerobics class." "I am not hungry!" "I can do this!" "I don't need that tasty square of chocolate." 

Silly? You betcha! But hey, this is The Ninja Diet. No one is here but me…

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