Thursday, April 14, 2016

The "Ninja-No-Nonsense-Don't-Pass-the-Wedding Cake" weight loss challenge

Well this blog really was quite the epic fail since it's been almost four years since I've written anything.

Jeepers creepers! An awful lot has happened since then… And weight loss wise, let's just underscore the awful part. There's been some losing weight, and then gaining weight, and then losing and then gaining and then… well you get the drift.

Of my three blogs, this one (like my self of steam) suffers the most. It barely has any followers and not many page views. So why kick start it back up?  Well, Missy, it's quite simple: I have a wedding coming up. No, not mine, silly. One of my daughters is getting married, and well, I'd like to be thinner.

A lot thinner.

A lot less Rubenesque.


I'm not really sure sure how I'm going to accomplish all this except I know it has to involve more exercise, less food, probably less chocolate and more than a dash of determination.

And apparently, I'm going to do it ninja style because whatever readers I once had have fallen by the wayside. Oddly enough, I take some comfort in the anonymity, and yet, I still feel some accountability. Go figure.

Four years ago, I was in the midst of my "Frying-in-my-own-fat" weight loss challenge. Ya gotta love a clever title.

So just in case someone is out there, welcome to my "Ninja-No-Nonsense-Don't-Pass-the-Wedding Cake" weight loss challenge. Whew! That's a mouthful. I guess we could just call it the "Ninja Diet" for short.

Let the games begin, and the may the odds ever be in my favor… 

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