Sunday, February 7, 2010

Carol: And Now For The True Test…

Alrighty then… so I figure after my last appeal of "Is anyone out there?" there's probably  about two other people reading this thing besides Joel and me.

Somewhat of a disappointment, but then again, life is filled with disappointments, and we muddle through, do we not?

After watching Julie & Julia, I guess I was expecting a tad more readers. Instead, I just got hungry and wanted to whip out my Julia Child cookbook and whip up a few recipes.

But I didn't. Now before you get overly excited about my amazing exhibition of will power, I must say that frankly I was too tired and went to bed instead.

So let's have a brief recap of the week where we left off…
  • Wednesday…garage, cold, kickboxing (cat OK)
  • Thursday…yoga… doing better at not falling over. Thankfully, no Killer Dolphin poses.
  • Friday…garage, cold, kickboxing (cat still OK)
  • Saturday…walked 2 miles
  • Sunday…walked 2 miles
OK, now for the real test, the real challenge… Monday is Pilates Torture Time. Doomsday Becky is out of town… Dora Who's Not The Explorer is out of town. "A," who is Dora Who's Not The Explorer's daughter, supposedly does not plan to attend without her mother…  Hmmmmmmm, who does that leave? There are two other sporadic people who randomly show up, so that really only leaves…

Oh my, that leaves only ME… ME ME ME…

So do I go? I'll get back to you on that one… 


  1. Not sure how I missed the "is anyone out there" roll call, but I'm here! I'm a high school math teacher & basketball coach and I'm going to get my fitness routine going when the season ends in 3 weeks. I don't even remember how I found this blog... I think someone else linked it. Anyway, I'm enjoying reading it and look forward to joining in with my own workouts once I get through this basketball season!

  2. Thank goodness… someone else :-) Make sure you join in with what you are doing once basketball season is over. (And good luck with that too)

  3. Hey Richie! It's taken me awhile to get here, because I found the link on my school computer via SYWTT, but ALAS, we have a new BUGGERING web-blocker and it won't let me on blogspot. So I'd get to school and open up my browser and go OH YEAH. But now I've finally remembered. Woot!

    Anyway, my goal is entirely superficial and selfish. Health, shmelth: I have a frickin' AMAZING dress that I want to wear to prom this year. So. I am going to slim down.

    So far I've cut out fast food and soda entirely. I'm afraid that won't be enough... my mom said she thinks I look fitter, but my clothes don't agree with her. :(

    It looks like I may have to take up the invitation to run with the track team...

  4. Clix,
    I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth! So glad you stopped by… The track team thing is new suggestions. Keep us posted.

  5. I did! Right off the face of the earth and into the ninth circle of yearbook deadlines. ;)