Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carol: Can A Cat Cut Calories?

In honor of the lack of Chubby Brits who failed to rise up to the occasion and participate in this little fitness challenge, here's Yo Mum's So Fat Joke #6…"Shamu threw a Jenny Craig brochure at her at the water park."
Now for a quick update…  

Thursday… Yoga was cancelled because of the snow.

Friday… Snow Day! But I still managed take the dogs out and walked about two miles.

Saturday & Sunday… Walked two miles each day.

  • Garage. Freezing. Scared the bejeebers out of not just one cat but two. Kickboxed.   
  • No Pilates Torture Time class for me, so I didn't have to face to the Chippers. I had promised one of my students that I would attend his soccer game tonight. With temperatures in the 30s and a nippy wind blowing about, I would have preferred an evening drawing circles with my toes. I'm sure whatever calories I  burned trying to stay alive were countered by the mass quantities of hot chocolate I drank to help stay warm.

  • Garage. Freezing. This time the cats met me on the front porch. Ally Cat followed me into the garage demanding to be held. Wondered if I got an extra calorie burn by holding the cat while doing my exercise pre-warm up.
  • Had to let the cat go when it was time to punch. 
  • Yoga tonight. 
Oh yeah, I guess I need to confess that I ate some Valentine's Day Whoppers.

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