Thursday, January 7, 2010

Carol: Setback, S'mores & Jack the diet saboteur

A setback.

At the risk of joining the ranks of those who "pointlessly babble" on twitter about eating sandwiches, let me just say it…

I ate a s'more last night

There you have it. It was cold. Fired up the fire place. Ate a s'more.

Only a small one,  but I guess small counts.

Oh, and 2 marshmallows.

Then I gave Jack a marshmallow, too, just so I wouldn't feel quilty.

He loves marshmallows and gingersnaps. I wish I could blame him for this lapse. He's such a diet saboteur.

But, well, he's Jack.

And, he's my dog.

Oh, and get ready, it's yoga tonight.

(And note to Joel… Yes, I will come up with some specific goals and will post them tomorrow. I also will go to the nurse for the my "weight in and fat thingy.")

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