Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Carol: Pilates, Midweek Update & Me

Quick, snappy update…

  • Went to Pilates with my exercise buddy (the other half of the Exercise Doomsday Duo. I’ve written about that here and here.) Ah pilates… the website description may say that "Hollywood celebrities and supermodels use it to maintain beautiful physiques," but I think it's just another way to torture an aging body into poses that it was never meant to strike. Joel thought he was a dismal failure in his running. Well, compare that to my little foray into Pilates, he'd probably look like an Olympic runner. 
  • Because I am a glutton (yes, in more ways than one) for punishment, I signed up for that class, too.

  • Crawled out of bed. Legs and other parts a bit sore from that pilates thing. 
  • Cursed Exercise Doomsday Becky. 
  • Drank three cups of coffee.
  • Went in freezing garage for my kickboxing workout
  • Did NOT scare the bejeebers out of the cat this time
  • Exercise Doomsday Becky.
  • Pretended to smack the daylights out of Exercise Doomsday Becky.
  • Went to work
  • Ate two pieces of Emergency Chocolate
  • Felt guilty about the Emergency Chocolate, but went to yoga to become one with the Skinny Minnies
  • Announced my two goals
  • Got some dubious looks about the whole Eagle Pose thing while I was tilting over.
 Let's see how the rest of the week goes.

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  1. I think we should take a before and after eagle pose snapshot for your blog :) There was a bit of "a moment of silence" last night when you said you would conquer the eagle pose!! I thought that if we could just put straps on your arms and stretch them for an hour a day, they may grow longer and make the pose easier for you. I can hardly sleep at night, as I am busy trying to think of what I can do next to torture every student of mine. I think this morning we will be tortured with geometric toning...they always groan during these-the sweet sound of success!! Love ya! Keep up the hard work.